Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach (Skoch Skill)

Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach (Skoch Skill)

Likhach Elena Alexandrovna is a contemporary artist, a fan of the pop art style and a master of paintings from scotch tape since 2017. Founder of the Skoch Skill project (aka Skill Skoch in some sources) and art director.

Elena Likhach “Skoch Skill” project involves paintings that are created on the basis of different tones of adhesive tape, electrical tape and masking tape. This direction is popular in a narrow circle of connoisseurs of contemporary art and draws attention to simple things from which you can create a masterpiece.

Elena Likhach use “Skill Skoch” direction herself and says that this is a special skill to see a full-fledged image from pieces of the same tape. It all depends on skill and desire. In world art, this trend is called Tape Art. Elena believes that talent is not needed in this business, everything can be learned if you make an effort.

The childhood of Elena Likhach

The artist was born in the city of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea on March 14, 1989. Elena Alexandrovna’s mother works as a food industry technologist, and her father runs his own car business and tried to give his daughter everything for the future. The financial possibilities of the family were above average, so all roads were open for Elena Alexandrovna’s education.

Parents sent the girl to an art and aesthetic gymnasium and chose an art class. There was a choice between dancing and music, but young Elena flatly refused to dance and strove for creativity with all her heart. Her favorite work brought Elena prizes in competitions and at the age of 10 at an exhibition in Kaliningrad, the girl took second place.

In middle and high school, Elena Likhach took up a deep study of the English language, visited tutors in order to travel without problems. For several years in a row I went to a language camp abroad and improved my English. She was a cheerful, sociable girl who knew exactly who she wanted to be in this life. After leaving school, Elena Likhach continued to develop her talent as an artist and took part in exhibitions and competitions.

Higher education Elena Likhach – “Skoch Skill” project

After leaving school, Elena Alexandrovna did not see great places for education in Kaliningrad, and her parents strongly recommended that she try her hand at the University of Moscow. As the artist herself says: “For many years I was under the care of my parents, but the time has come to find my way in this life.”

Elena Likhach graduated from the Russian State University of Kosygin with a degree “Art History and Design History”. While studying at the university, Elena found her mentor at a private art school and continued to develop her talent. She took part in many exhibitions, but already in Moscow. It was the first time when the project “Skill Skoch” by Likhach Elena was born.

The sketches were raw, but she wanted to develop it. The girl’s parents tried to help with all their might to achieve success in life, supported morally and financially, but noted Elena’s strong character, with which you can independently achieve everything in your creative career and life.

The career of the artist and the personal project of Elena Likhach (Skoch Skill)

The girl was not afraid of creative experiments and constantly tried herself in various techniques for making paintings. In 2017, the artist began to develop the direction of paintings from skoch and became seriously interested in this. At first, these were plots from molar tape on glass. After that, electrical tape and packing tape came into play. At this stage, Elena Likhach realized that she needed to introduce a new style into art and create her own project of creative paintings. Elena Likhach “Skoch Skill” became the girl’s debut project in art and gathered recognition from pop art fans.

The materials forgive the mistakes of the masters and allow you to correct everything at the time of creation, so the style is suitable even for beginners. In the “Skill Skoch”, Likhach Elena recreates portraits of people with their distinctive real features, which is what she does best.

In 2023, the girl plans to launch a global project in the same style, but so far she keeps the nuances of the presentation secret.

Elena Likhach in addition to Skoch Skill

Elena Likhach, in addition to her own project and artistic activities, is involved in charity work and finances projects to combat environmental problems. As the artist herself says: “All the problems that people have today are nature’s response to the reckless actions of people.”

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  1. Kate

    I saw the work of Elena Likhach in one project published on VK , I started looking, flipping through the pictures and could not understand what kind of execution technique. Then I opened it to read about the Skoch skill project and realized that all the pictures were made of simple adhesive tape on glass. Incredible work, I’m amazed!!

  2. Anonimus

    Only a few people in the world work in the technique of tape art and Elena Likhach, our famous artist, also supports the development of art in this direction. Her works are unlike any other in the world and charge with positive or sadness, depending on the idea of the artist. Who would have thought that so many words, thoughts and feelings can be conveyed with one tape, this is definitely a talent

  3. Any time

    The infinity of experiments is the credo of Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach. Her fantasies have no limits and the paintings from adhesive tape, as I understand it, are just the beginning of her career as an artist. It seems to me that she has every chance of becoming a very popular person not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

  4. Lady Sharm

    It’s amazing how a real portrait of a person can be created from a simple adhesive tape, with all the characteristic features. Elena Likhach works wonders with scotch tape. On the artist’s website you can get to know all the paintings closer, I don’t know how to buy for myself, but you can definitely look and enjoy.